Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Useful SharePoint Designer Activities and SharePoint Designer 2010

It did not come as a surprise that Microsoft has added functionality into SPD 2010 that some of the activities created as a part of my open source project on CodePlex accomplished. At this year’s SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas I made it a point to go and check out some of the SPD 2010 sessions. I was pleasantly surprised by the new functionality that was added to SPD and you got to love the ribbon interface. On a sad note the most popular set of activities on the CodePlex project, the Permission Activities, are now available out of the box. There was a moment during one of the SPD 2010 demos when the guy said “and now we are going to set permissions on this item” I thought to myself “Oh, well, I’m just going to have to find another niche for the open source project”. From what I saw not all of the functionality provided by my project is in SPD 2010. For instance, “Start another workflow” is not part of the new functionality. Once I get my hands on a stable Beta of WSS and SPD 2010 I will create a roadmap for the still needed custom activities that may be implemented in the next version of the Useful SharePoint Designer Activities Project. Stay Tuned.